It is the mission of Triad Musicians Matter to ensure that musicians have a place to turn in times of medical need, hospitalization, accident, death, or displacement from home due to fire or natural disasters. This emergency financial assistance program provides critical funds for musicians that have experienced an unavoidable emergency.  We would like to help every musician in need however we can't help everyone.  Before you contact us, please read through the following to make sure you meet eligibility requirements.

• The applicant must be a musician who has regular public performances and has been employed in the music industry for at least three (3) years, or performed on at least three widely released recordings (audio or audiovisual), or written music that has been performed on three widely released recordings, or published on three occasions. The term “Musician” includes vocalists, songwriters, composers, arrangers, and instrumentalists.  Documentation of eligibility can be provided in the form of liner note credits, copies of contracts, check stubs, brochures, flyers, newpaper articles, 1099 forms, etc.
• The applicant must demonstrate financial need. Triad Musicians Matter may request tax returns, bank statements and/or any other information deemed necessary to verify such need.
• For medical assistance, the applicant must have, or recently had, a serious medical condition. A condition is considered to be serious when it substantially affects the applicant’s ability to work within or outside the music industry (i.e. a survival job). A diagnosis by a medical doctor, or hospital or medical bills indicating such condition, must be provided.

Triad Musicians Matters does not award scholarships, loans, or artist grants or give out cash.  All professional musicians, regardless of genre, are eligible to apply. Financial assistance is limited to musicians that are working in the Greater Triad North Carolina Area.

Requests are handled by application.

Triad Musicians Matter
PO Box 4454
Greensboro, NC 27404

All information is kept strictly confidential and will be reviewed anonymously by a review committee for determination of eligibility.